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How to approach coding as a beginner.

How to approach coding as a beginner.

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Mathews Musukuma
·Jul 29, 2020·

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Approach coding as a beginner.

In this post, I talk about the most appropriate way of approaching coding. I remember not so long ago when I was starting to code I didn't know what to focus on. Instead, I used to jump from programming language tutorial to another. This was a share waste of time and its something I should warn you about.

You may have been trying to join the night owls (programmers) but you have no clue on where to start from, well in this article I have pointed out some of the platforms and places you need to be found if you want to catch up very quickly with coding. Thank you for your time to read my article and I hope you will get some value from it.

Now let me first tell you the best approach to coding that I believe works well almost for everyone and I think it should be this way. First thing you have to start with

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Most beginners get confused with what they read about some successful programmers. From my own experience I started learning PHP before I even had a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript this was because I read about Mark Zuckerberg on how he started his Facebook company by coding Facebook in PHP and I thought I had to learn PHP. Even if you plan to be a backend engineer you still need to know the basics of front end technologies. But again, don’t start learning frameworks like React, Vue.js, Angular, and so on just because everyone is talking about them.

What is next?

Now after you have a better understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS and you have some min projects, you can start applying for jobs with just these three technologies. Some developers are earning six figures with just these.

Well Mateo, what is the best platform for me to start learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then? I know one best platform that is for free, yes free and it's freeCodeCamp. I can recommend this platform for many reasons and one of them which is very important is the hands-on approach instead of watching a tutorial. With a video tutorial, you might think you have understood everything without practicing. FreeCodeCamp way of learning is by doing instead of just watching your instructor do the coding challenges for you. The platform offers examples and challenges as you learn. Actually the challenges are real-world problems that you will be solving in your day to day work.

Also, you can start solving problems at Hackerrank or Codewars. These platforms help you to put your understanding of data structures and algorithms into practice. Data structures and algorithms are a very important part of computer science and I recommend you take it seriously to practice them.

Another thing that I have discovered is to be around with experienced developers. There is a good number of communities for developers thanks to Facebook for introducing Facebook Developer Circles a community that is growing so fast. Find out about the developer meetups that are in your community. Also, networking is very important as it will ease your job hunt. You can also utilize Twitter by following some senior programmers such as Francesco and Pato.


In conclusion, after you have a better understanding of the three basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you now start adding other frameworks to the stack. React and Vue.js. These are some of the most popular JavaScript libraries that are being used by many big tech companies in the world.

Resources you can use to practice problem-solving include Hackerrank and Codewars.

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